eSATA Male Network Drive Cable & Adapter

Tips for Buying eSata Cables on eBay

Need some new connective cables for your PC or laptop? eBay has you covered. Check out their many different buying options for eSata cables.

What different versions of these cables are available?

eBay has a large variety of different eSata connective cables available. Below are some of the models you can choose from:

  • ATA internal cables
  • Male to female cables
  • Female to male cables
  • Molex braid cables
  • SATA7 pin cables
What are some features of these cables?

These cables boast some intuitive and helpful features. Here are some of the features techies and computer enthusiasts will be most attracted to:

  • Fast data transfers: These cables can broadcast data and power signals at high speeds.
  • Easy installation: These cables can be installed with only mild activation force. No screws, bolts, or thermal paste are required for installation.
  • Motherboard connectivity: These cables can be easily matched with your motherboard to distribute all of your CPUs most essential commands and requirements.
  • Power supply options: These cords can be used as supplemental cords for your PCs power supplies. This is a great capability feature for those who like to optimize every inch of their PCs performance.
What devices are these cables compatible with?

These cables are generally for use with PC hardware. Storage devices, like hard drives, SSD cards, and internal memory, make up the majority of the target hardware. They are also used for connecting PC parts that are reliant on one another to function. For example, eSata power cables are used to establish connections between a PCs motherboard, storage device, cooling system, and containment case. In office settings, these cables are also used with cameras and mice. Their lightning-quick data transfers and heavy-duty construction make them perfect for scenarios where mistakes and malfunctions are unacceptable.

How much data can be moved by these cables?

A crucial aspect of eSata cables is the amount of data they are able to transmit at once. Cables with higher load-bearing capacities will be able to move larger amounts of data and power currents faster. With eSata cables, this is quantified through Gigabytes. Generally speaking, the larger the Gigabyte value for a given cable, the more data it will be capable of transmitting. There are other factors involved in this as well, however. Many eSata cables mix two different styles of connectivity. A popular combination is an eSata and USB 2.0 hybrid, for example. In these scenarios, transmission speed will also be contingent on the quality of the second port. For the USB example, that cables speed will be affected by the plating and quality of the USB port. eBays selection of eSata cables has options for 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB connection speeds.

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