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How to Choose the Right ZINK Paper for Your Photos

ZINK paper allows you to quickly print photos from your mobile printer or instant camera without the need for ink cartridges, ribbons, or toner. This ink-free system allows you to print quality photos that are economical, convenient, and more environmentally friendly than traditional cartridge or toner-style printing systems. You can find the right ZINK paper for your needs with a variety of brands, styles, and sizes available at low prices on eBay.

How does ZINK paper work?

The photo paper works by encapsulating magenta, cyan, and yellow dye crystals inside the recyclable paper. It's coated with a polymer layer on top to protect the paper and provide a glossy look. The printing process uses heat to activate the dye and produce vivid, water-resistant photos in a single pass.

Each pack of photo paper comes with a Smartsheet that you'll load into the printer between each new pack of paper. This paper cleans any dust or debris from the printing path and calibrates the paper to your specific printer.

What devices or printers are compatible with ZINK paper?

ZINK paper is designed for use with mobile printers that allow you to plug and print your favorite photos directly from your phone or other mobile device. It's also compatible with instant-print cameras for quick and easy printing on the go. The list of devices and brands that are compatible for use with the paper continues to grow and includes the following brands:

Mobile printers include the following:

  • HP Sprocket and Sprocket Plus
  • Dell Wasabi
  • Canon IVY
  • Lifeprint
  • LG Pocket Photo
  • Polaroid POGO
  • Polaroid Zip Instant Photoprinter
  • Prynt Classic and more

Instant-print digital cameras include the following:

  • Polaroid PIC-1000
  • Polaroid Z340
  • Polaroid Z2300
  • Tomy Xiao Polaroid Socialmatic
  • Polaroid Snap instant digital camera
  • Polaroid Snap Plus
  • Polaroid Pop
How do you find the right ZINK paper?

ZINK photo paper is typically 2 by 3 inches, but 3-by-4-inch paper is available for some printers. In addition to the regular white paper, you can find rainbow ZINK paper for photos with colored borders. You can also make your own stickers with ZINK paper with self-adhesive backing. eBay makes it easy to find the paper you're looking for with helpful search options such as brand, paper size, color, price, and custom bundle so you can choose the right photo paper for your needs.

Is ZINK paper temperature sensitive?

ZINK paper is temperature sensitive and works best at room temperature. If you plan on traveling or spending time in extremely hot or cold climates with your photo paper, make sure to check the package instructions for its ideal temperature range. Also, keep in mind the expiration date on the package to ensure you'll have sharply detailed photos.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by ZINK.

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