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Does Your Business Need a Zebra Printer?

Zebra printers are designed for the unique needs of small businesses from seamless desktop publishing to industrial printing to name tags and ID badges. You can shop for the right Zebra printer for your needs, and there are lots of new and used models at affordable prices available on eBay.

What types of printers does Zebra sell?

The Zebra printer lineup is divided into seven major families. In addition to the desktop and industrial models, this brand offers:

  • Mobile printers: These create bar codes for pricing, warehouse, retail, and related uses.
  • Card printers: These can create secure ID cards, name badges, gift cards, financial cards, and other types of double-sided plastic cards.
  • RFID printers: These create trackable tags that store electronic information.
  • Kiosk printers: These allow employees and customers to print receipts, tickets, coupons, and other types of paperwork on demand.
  • Print engines: These can be used for high-volume bar code needs.
What is an RFID printer?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, technology in which trackable tags contain information that is stored electronically and can be read automatically by an RFID reader in range. This type of printer can be used for a host of manufacturing, technology, and health care applications, including inventory tracking, patient tracking, asset tracking, shipping and receiving, and related functions.

How do you set up and install your Zebra printer?

Most Zebra printers are compatible with computers that run Windows or Mac OS as well as smartphones and other devices that run on Android or iOS. The first step is to install the appropriate software drivers for your computer, phone, or tablet operating system. The system will then walk you through the process of setting up and pairing your wireless Zebra printer. Most printers can be connected with Bluetooth, wireless, USB, and even with an Ethernet cord for those who prefer a wired printer setup.

What are some uses of the Zebra mobile printer?

These specialized printers support a range of applications in several different industries. Uses for the Zebra mobile printers include but are not limited to mark-down labels, shelf-end labels, return labels, pick-and-pack labels, point-of-sale receipts, and replacement tags for retail stores and warehouses. Health care applications including breast milk labeling, mobile specimen collection, and blood bank management. Some models can be used for ticketing, parking citations, passenger services, fleet management, direct store delivery, proof of pickup, invoices, inventory lists, field sales automation, cross-docking, display and process compliance, and logistics.

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