Everything You Need to Know In Order to Purchase 18K Yellow Gold Bracelets for Men

An attractive piece of jewelry completes an outfit and adds a special touch for a celebration or festive event. There are 18K yellow gold bracelets for men available in different sizes from a variety of different manufacturers. On eBay, you can choose masculine 18K yellow gold bracelets with different styles, designs, and features.

Styles of 18K yellow gold bracelets for men

The available styles of inexpensive 18K yellow gold bracelets for men include:

  • Identification: This has a 1- to 2-inch flat or slightly curved plate for stamping or engraving a name, quote, initials, or other text or symbols.
  • Wristband: These bracelets are flexible, like the wristband of a watch.
  • Charm: The links are designed to have charms attached with jump rings or lobster claw clasps.
  • Bangle: The bracelet is stiff and fits loosely around the wrist.
  • Cuff: This has a partial opening for putting on and taking off.
Accents or features on 18K yellow gold bracelets for men

The new and gently used 18K yellow gold bracelets for men may include a stone for an accent. One of the stone options is a diamond, which may be used on the identification band or in the links. Cubic zirconia may be used in place of diamonds. Tiger's eye is a semi-precious stone that may be used, and it features a multihued mix of orange, brown, and black. Ruby or sapphire, including natural and man-made stones, may also be used in the bracelets.

What kinds of links do 18K yellow gold bracelets use?

Whether you want something shining or more understated, masculine or more on the unisex side, there are a variety of ways 18K yellow gold bracelets link together. You can find the following kinds of links:

  • Cable: These links are round or oval in shape and the same size.
  • Twisted curb: The links have a twist. They are uniform in size.
  • Figure-eight: There are oval links with smaller figure-eight links connecting them.
  • Venetian: These links are square in shape and uniform in size.
  • Cuban: These links are twisted and diamond cut for increased reflection of light. They are uniform in size.
How do you choose 18K yellow gold bracelets for men?

When you are shopping for a fashionable, low-cost 18K yellow gold bracelet for men, consider its:

  • Width: The link width ranges from 5 to 20 millimeters.
  • Thickness: The range is 2 to 10 millimeters.
  • Size: The range is 7 to 9 1/2 inches. See manufacturer site for details.
  • Closure type: Choose screw, lobster claw, clasp, or buckle.
  • Personalized: The identification bracelets can be personalized.