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What You Need to Know about Wireless Laser Printers

Laser printers use a laser and a powdered ink, called toner, to reproduce your documents and photographs. While there are many different types of printers available, a wireless printer could increase your productivity while giving you more options when it comes to printing.

What types of laser printers are there?

When looking for a laser printer, you should consider what you plan to print and if you have any other needs. There are two different types of devices that can do different things:

  • Print only: These printers are only designed to print your documents or photographs. This means that they do not have any other features.
  • All-in-one: These wireless printers are also designed to print your documents. However, all-in-one printers often have a variety of other functions and capabilities, including scanning, copying, and even faxing capabilities depending on the model.
What colors can wireless laser printers print in?

After you have chosen which type of laser printer you need, you will need to choose between a monochrome model or a color model. The differences are:

  • Monochrome: These devices use one black powdered toner ink to print documents. They can print in black, white, or gray-scale. These devices can generally print documents at a faster rate than color models.
  • Color: Depending on the wireless model, these printers may use up to four color toner cartridges. Because of this, these devices can be heavier depending on what their use is for. However, they can be used to print colorful photos and diagrams.
What should you consider when choosing a laser printer?

After determining what your unique needs are, you may want to consider:

  • Use: The model of wireless laser printer you go with may depend on where it will be used. If you are planning on using it at home for general use or to print school papers, speed may not be as important of a factor. If the printer is going to be used in an office by a number of users, a faster printing speed and multi-function capabilities, like the ability to scan documents, may be of more importance.
  • Display: Some devices have an LCD display or buttons that allows you start making copies when you are not at your computer. In some cases, this screen may also allow you to scan a document or copy a photograph with just the push of a button.
  • Build-in memory options: Some laser printers have the ability to print from an external memory device, such as an SD card or a USB memory stick. This can be useful if you do not want to connect your computer to your printing device or if you just want to leave your computer at home.
  • Additional features: Multi-function wireless devices have a variety of additional features. However, not all models will have all the same features. Consider the features that you absolutely need to be productive when looking for a laser printer.
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