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Windshields for Harley-Davidson

Motorcycle Windshields for Harley-Davidson

Enjoy a safe motorcycle experience with the right replacement windshield for your Harley-Davidson ride. Find a durable, high-impact value piece for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle for enhanced safety and comfort. With a tough windshield installed, whether you are a Harley-Davidson rider or a passenger, you can enjoy the wind with ample protection from flying road debris and wind turbulence.

What are Harley-Davidson windshields?

Harley-Davidson bike parts, such as its windshields, have to be manufactured for long-distance touring. To handle these tough touring demands, the Harley-Davidson windshield has a contoured hard-coated design suited for varied road conditions.

Are there any windshield design options for the Harley-Davidson?

Outdoor cycling exposes the rider and the passenger to varied amounts of wind pressure and turbulent noise. Windshields for these models are manufactured to address these touring concerns. Some Harley-Davidson ultra-classic screen designs incorporate a curved windshield unit attached to the faring. This is known as the Batwing windshield, which creates a barrier diverting airflow away from the rider and passenger. Harley-Davidson windshield height sizes vary and could go more than 10 inches up for a taller option for the ultra-classic bike owner. These detachable windshield units are known as wind splitters, which provides greater coverage due to its size. Both of these windshield models are known for their thicker, shatter-resistant parts.

How do you choose a Harley-Davidson windshield?

When selecting a windshield replacement or add-on part for your classic unit, there are several factors to look at.

  • Screen material: The brands shield units are made from flexible plastic parts such as polycarbonate and acrylic material. Both materials are known for their flexible and shatter-resistant properties. Some shields are incorporated with UV filters as an additional safety feature.
  • Screen design: A cycle screen replacement for this brand can be installed in two ways. The screen could be a built-in part of a Harley-Davidson cycle fairing or bodywork. The Harley-Davidson screens could also be a detachable part separate from the faring. There are also dark tint, smoke, and clear shields options for this ultra-classic brand.
  • Source: A Harley-Davidson motorcycle windshield may be manufactured by a brand OEM source. If you like to customize, an aftermarket source for the motorcycle windscreen may be considered.
  • Function: Choosing a Harley-Davidson bike windshield also depends on the daily cycle activity. Off-road cycling requires the right material and screen design that can handle the tougher demands of the long ride.