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What You Need to Know About Windows 7 Tablets

Windows tablets offer the power of a desktop computer in a form factor that you can take with you to the office or when running an errand. Mobile computing focuses on the convenience mobility brings; often this means a less powerful computer that can only run a mobile version of a software. These devices do not have this problem as they run the same operating system and programs you would find on a desktop.

What is a tablet?

A tablet is a computer with a flat form factor that can be held in one or two hands. Unlike laptops, these computers do not normally have a permanently attached keyboard. Because of the form factor, all of the Windows tablet hardware has to be fitted behind the display.

These computers often come with a full range of wireless connectivity. Wi-Fi is a must for these Windows 7 devices and often includes wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Other options may also include connectivity to a cellular network on premium models.

What input methods do these computers support?

These devices can feature many different forms of input. The most input is a touch screen that allows you to manipulate programs with a touch of your finger and input text through an onscreen keyboard. Other features may include:

  • Stylus pen: Many units also come with a stylus pen. Windows incorporates native support for handwriting that provides a comfortable alternative to typing on a keyboard. Stylus pens also allow you to draw directly on the display, making these devices a useful tool for graphic artists.
  • Built-in keyboards: There are also cases available that come with built-in keyboards. These offer protection and the convenience of carrying a tablet that is already connected to a small but traditional keyboard.
  • Multiple USB ports: The flexibility of the Windows operating system allows you to plug in any peripheral that is compatible with Windows to control the tablet.
What are features of running Windows 7 on a tablet?

Many similar items run stripped down, mobile versions of their operating system because the hardware that runs the device is not able to meet the basic requirements of the software. While hardware and features vary depending on the manufacturer, these devices pack enough computing power to run the same applications available on a desktop. This is ideal for enterprise applications such as Microsoft Office. Mobile versions of the Office platform are available but they do not carry the same extensive feature set as the desktop version. By running the desktop version, these computers bring both mobility and fully featured programs to the tablet.

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