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Smart ForTwo Wheel Lugs

If you own the zippy little Smart ForTwo, you may not be able to resist putting your personal stamp on it. A set of rims in chrome or black may give this vehicle just the look you want. When you add matching wheel lugs, your stylish ride is ready for the fiercest city traffic.

What are wheel lug nuts?

Just like all other cars, the Smart ForTwo uses bolts to fasten the wheels onto the hub of the axle. The hub has threaded holes that the fasteners fit into. Whether you are replacing a lost fastener or getting a replacement set for rims, it’s important to make sure the components are compatible.

What is the bolt pattern of the Smart ForTwo?

This pattern is a set of numbers that tell you how many lugs are on each wheel and how far apart they are from each other. The ForTwo pattern depends on its year of manufacture. Model years from 2007 through 2014 have a pattern of 3x112. From 2015 on, the pattern is 4x100.

The first number of the pattern is the number of fasteners on each wheel, so your car will have either three or four. The second number is the diameter of the circle the heads of the fasteners form when they are mounted on the vehicle. In this case, the circle is either 112 or 100 millimeters in diameter.

What are the thread characteristics of Smart ForTwo fasteners?

The fasteners have a particular thread size and pitch that must be the same as the holes in the hub. For all models of the Smart ForTwo, this is expressed as 12x1.5. The thread size is the first number. This is the diameter of the fasteners in millimeters. The second number tells you the distance between the threads in millimeters.

What are the other features of ForTwo fasteners?
  • Seat type: The factory wheel fasteners for the ForTwo have a ball or radial seat type. This describes the shape of the fastener where it meets the rim. The shape of the seat and the surface of the rim must match, so if you put aftermarket wheels on your car, you may need a different style of fastener.
  • Shank length: The wheel fasteners can have shanks of various lengths. The shank is the threaded portion that runs from the bottom of the seat to the end of the fastener. The factory shank length is 24 millimeters. If you put wider rims on your ForTwo, you may need a fastener with a longer shank.
  • Head size: The hex-shaped end of the fastener that fits into a wrench is called the head. The factory head size for the Smart ForTwo is 15 millimeters. Larger sizes, particularly 17 millimeters, are common. As long as the parts of the fastener that engage with the wheel are the right size, the head size can vary.
  • Wheel locks: If you are concerned about your rims being stolen, you can put a locking lug on each wheel. These can only be removed with a key that is specific to that set of locks.