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Water Pumps for Mercedes-Benz ML500

The water pump keeps your engine cool by the transferal of coolant and is located behind the fan belt, generally near the cars front or side. Over time you may need to replace the water pump. With a selection of water pumps for Mercedes-Benz ML500, you can find the right replacement.

How does the water pump in the Mercedes-Benz M-Class work?

The water pump is a centrifugal pump that circulates antifreeze from the engine block to the radiator. It removes excess heat and expels it into the atmosphere. Because the water pump plays a key role in proper functioning of the engine, it should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid serious issues.

What are the symptoms when your water pump is failing?

Like other car parts, the Mercedes-Benz ML500 water pump is prone to failure after a certain number of miles. There are certain symptoms that will signify problems such as:

  • Coolant leak at front center of car:Gaskets and seals can become brittle and break. Coolant will leak to the ground near the location of the motor. The coolant will be greenish in color.
  • Water pump pulley is loose and making whining sounds: On occasion, you may hear a whining sound or a buzzing when the loose belt circulates. Once the bearings inside the water pump wear out, the entire system will have to be replaced.
  • Engine is overheating: When the water pump fails, this means no fluid is circulating through the engine block. This can quickly lead to other problems such as a cracked head gasket.
  • Steam is coming from your radiator: Steam coming from your Mercedes-Benz motor area is a signal that the vehicle is overheating. If this happens while you are driving, there is a chance that your vehicles wheels may freeze up.

What are the components of Mercedes-Benz ML500 water pumps?

There are two key parts to the Mercedes-Benz ML500 water pump. Both ensure that the pump operates the way it is meant.

  • Water pump pulley: This is a wheel-like part attached to your vehicles water pump system and timing belt. The pump is turned by the pulley, which allows fluids to circulate. The pulley part will vary depending upon the year of your Mercedes-Benz.
  • Water pump gasket: A gasket is comprised of silicone, metal, fiberglass or a polymer. Its purpose is to fill in the gap between the Mercedes-Benz motor and the water pump. Without the gasket, the coolant would leak out.