Lets Discuss Volvo Penta and Their Intake Fuel Systems

Volvo Penta produces marine engines for both leisure and commercial activities. Instead of the drive located in the transom near the stern of the craft, Volvo Penta motors are midships. Thus, this is also where repairs would be made to replace parts available from eBay for the intake and fuel systems.

How does Volvo Penta design their engines?

The design is very similar to an automobile motor. Therefore, the fuel is designed to store and supply gas while the intake manifold supplies a mixture of fuel and air to its cylinders for power. The main difference between a Volvo Penta marine motor and one designed for vehicles is the delivery of power and how the exhaust is emitted. Both are reserved for the stern of the craft.

What parts can wear with a Volvo Penta engine?

Like with a car motor, oil and coolant are required to keep the parts of the Volvo Penta motor moving properly. Some of these components may include:

  • The Drive Train - This mechanism connects the transmission to the engines cylinders.
  • The Fuel Pressure Regulator - This part regulates the pressure of the fuel that flows through the system.
  • The Fuel Injectors - These are computerized areas that allow the fuel to flow into the engine.
  • The Fuel Pump - This pump supplies gas from the motor to other parts.
  • O-Rings -These are gaskets which create seals between parts.
What are the signs of fuel system problems?

The biggest sign of fuel system problems that you might notice is that the Volvo Penta wont start, no matter how many times you make the attempt. Should it start, there may be issues with loss of power in the drive train, decreased gas mileage, and rising engine temperatures when the coolant or oil are at normal levels.

How hard is it to replace these parts?

If you know your way around a Volvo Penta engine, then it may not be hard to replace the old parts with new ones. Newer owners should consider looking into a license repair shop to replace parts and test the motor.

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