An Inboard Motor Adds Something to Commercial or Leisure Boat Travels

In addition to making automobiles, Volvo also sells inboard motors for boats and other marine vehicles. Under the brand name of Volvo Penta, the company provides new and refurbished engines. Regardless if it is for commercial or leisure use, if the boat is in the water, they want to power it.

What makes this engine different?

The design of a Volvo Penta block engine used for a car and a boat isnt much different. In the end, some mechanisms are switched around in order to use it in the water. For instance, its transmission tends to transfer energy from the engine to the propellers. In another difference, the fuel exhaust is passed through the stern of the boat instead of a muffler.

What power levels does a Volvo Penta have?

They offer a number of styles. The one you choose for your boat depends on what you have. The lower-powered models start around 510 horsepower on a 7.7-liter engine. Higher-end models for larger craft can go as high as 1000 horsepower and 12.8 liters.

How do you install the engine?

Setup of this engine is different than what you may have seen in rowboats or smaller models. Normally, these have outboard engines with sterndrive controls built into the block. The inboard engine is at midship with a drive running across the crafts bottom to a propeller.

What are some advantages to this type of motor?

By placing it in the middle of the vessel, owners of these motors gain some advantages.

  • Quiet and hidden: Under the craft, a well-kept engine remains quiet and out of the way of guests.
  • Simplicity: Other than modifications for water use, these engines have a single drive, thus maintenance costs are lowered.
  • Separate rudder: This allows for easier steering.
  • Good return : While these motors are expensive, the lower fuel costs and calmer seas will provide a good return.

In many cases, the larger craft will already have a motor installed. However, if it needs to be replaced, its recommended to have a licensed repair service move the craft to dry dock in order to complete the upgrade.

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