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Choosing the Right Ford F250 Speakers for Your Vehicle

Whether your Ford F250 speakers are starting to waiver or you just want an upgrade to better speakers, it is important to know how to find the right speakers for you. There are a lot of Ford F250 speakers on eBay. Find out what you should seek in a new speaker for your Ford F250.

Where are speakers located in a Ford F250?

The Ford F250 has a 6 x 8-inch speaker in each door. If you have a Ford F250 with a standard cab, your rear speakers are located in the side panels right behind your head. These speakers are 6 x 8 inches, just like the door speakers. If you drive a Ford F250 with a SuperCab, the rear speakers are located in the rear doors. The SuperCrew F250 has speakers in the rear panels. See the manufacturer site for details.

Do replacement speakers need to be the same size?

The front doors speakers and the standard cab’s rear speakers can have differently sized speakers used as replacements. You cannot put a larger sized speaker in, but you can use a 5 1/4-inch speaker instead of a 6 x 8-inch size if you want. Reducing the size does require using speaker mounting brackets.

How do you choose the right replacement speakers?

Currently, your F250 likely has full-range speakers that have the woofer and tweeter mounted in the same basket. While you are shopping for new speakers on eBay, there are several things to keep in mind. Before deciding on what speakers to purchase for your Ford F250, consider if you want to:

  • Put the same type of speakers back into your truck, or upgrade to a better sound system.
  • Use the same size speakers, or purchase a smaller speaker and mount it with brackets.
  • Replace any of your speaker wiring.
  • Upgrade your F250s stereo.
  • Get full-range speakers or component speakers.
Can you add a subwoofer to your Ford F250?

While trucks have less interior space for mounting subwoofers, manufacturers have created subwoofers that can fit comfortably in your truck. Subwoofers add extra bass while playing your music. You can find subwoofer enclosures on eBay that match your truck’s interior color and fit perfectly into your truck. You can also find them with subwoofers that are loaded, unloaded, or amplified. With these enclosures, you can have the bass you want and still maintain space in the back of your truck.

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