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Vintage Complete Car & Truck Engines

Youve done everything possible to maintain and take care of your vintage car and trucks engine. When its time to replace this vital part, youll want to select an assembly which will take just as good care of your car as you do. Take a look at the available vintage crate engines and parts in order to find the one that will power your car or truck.

Are the replacement crate engines and accessories aftermarket or OEM?

If the manufacturer of your vintage car or truck is still manufacturing the parts using the same power specifications and materials as the factory, youll be able to obtain an OEM repair part. You may also be able to buy an aftermarket crate engine, which is fully complete with accessories. These will still work and have good performance but may have different materials and be manufactured by a different company.

What are signs of head gasket issues?

This small yet powerful engine component creates the seal between cylinders and the engine block, holding in the oil and coolant lines. Signs of the gasket needing replacement include:

  • Leaks - Youll see coolant leaking when the engine is warm. If there are no other lines near the gasket, you can confirm this as a blown gasket leak.
  • Smoke - Higher levels of white smoke from your exhaust, along with a sweet smell and continued smoke after warming up, indicate an issue.
  • Overheating - Between the leaking coolant and a hot engine, your vintage car or truck will overheat faster than normal.
  • White oil - When the coolant continues to leak, it mixes in your engines combustion chamber, turning the oil a light milky color.
When might you need a replacement truck engine starter?

If you turn the key and your car doesnt show any power, you usually check the battery. If the battery is operating properly, check for:

  • Sound: A failing starter will have a grinding sound. This will be very similar to a metal-on-metal sound. Ignoring this sign can also cause flywheel and performance damage.
  • Freewheeling: If you hear a high whining sound but theres no power, your flywheel isnt connecting with the starter.
  • Smoke: Smoke coming through the hood is a critical and immediate sign of electrical overload of the starter or a poor connection.
  • Solenoid failure: The solenoid is an accessory that delivers power to the starter. This is required for the engine to the start. After turning the key, wiggle, and torque the shift lever a little to test for a failing solenoid.