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Vintage Car and Truck Tailgates and Liftgates

A tailgate is the door to the back compartment of a vehicle whereas a liftgate is a metal flap behind a truck used to lift and lower cargo. Vintage tailgates are usually more affordable than brand new ones. People buy vintage tailgates and liftgates for their collections, to replace broken tailgates, or to make furniture out of them.

Can rust be removed from vintage tailgates?

Rust can be removed from the tailgates. The most common way to remove rust on car parts is through media blasting. It requires industrial-sized equipment. Many times, a professional would provide these services. There are other conventional ways to remove rust:

  • Take a potato and cut it in half. Put some dish soap on it and rub it on the surface.
  • Get your hose and rinse the tailgate. Shake it dry then lightly cover the rusted areas with baking soda. After an hour, scrub the rust away with a metal brush or something similar.
  • Drench rags in vinegar and cover rusty areas of the tailgate. Leave it overnight, then use steel wool or similar to scrub away the rust.
What kind of furniture can vintage tailgates be made into?

Vintage tailgates are usually turned into either benches or tables. Benches are more common. With cushions, the benches could become couches. The brand of the truck the tailgate originated does have some significance. A logo can be branded in the middle like vintage Dodge tailgates. It is recommended that these are used to make glass tables rather than bare benches. Some Ford-branded tailgates have a smooth surface.

Can a vintage tailgate be restored?

Clearing away the rust may not be enough to bring out the visual appeal of the tailgate. Paint it to make it look like new. Before you paint it, however, apply primer. This is to ensure that the paint is smooth when it dries. There is also the option of using special paint made to cover rust. You may have trouble removing rust or may not have the supplies to do so. Ordinary paint will peel away because of the rust.

How much do truck tailgates weigh?

The average weight of a truck tailgate is 75 pounds. When handling it, make sure you have at least one other person assisting you. A vintage truck tailgate is a little lighter, but you must still be careful when handling it. Do not try to install this on your pickup without first making the necessary measurements.