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How to Find Seat Covers for Vintage Cars and Trucks

You have put a lot of effort into your vintage car or truck but the interior still might need some work. To complete the vintage look of your vehicle, you should consider matching vintage seat covers and upholstery. Antique cars like Ferraris, Ford Mustangs, and Dodge Chargers each have their own auto interior design and go with their own car seat covers.

What are Classic Car Seat Covers Made From?

For a vintage auto look, it helps to choose upholstery fabric and material that was also used back in the day. Common choices for seat covers then were:

  • Vinyl Covers: a low maintenance material, vinyl was commonly used for seat covers in classic cars and so it helps you build up that vintage feel of your vehicle.
  • Leather Covers: Still popular today, leather interiors were once only for high-end cars. Leather or leatherette offers you a classically stylish look.
  • Sheepskin Covers: It was common to find seat covers made from sheepskin back in the day. What the fleece lacks in style it makes up for in utter comfort.

What Shapes of Car Seats Covers are There?

Different car seat shapes require their own cover to match their dimensions in order to enclose the entire seat frame. Types of car seat include:

  • Bucket Seat: Common today in the front of new cars, these car seats hold a single person and are formed around the shape of a persons body. For cars with headrests, car seat covers also need to have a cover for the headrest.
  • Bench Seat: Rather than individual seats, antique cars often had one seat across the full width of the vehicle. Bench seats were used for both the rear seat and the front seat, with a single seat cover covering the entire bench.

Who Makes Car Seat Covers for Classic Cars?

There are two ways in which you can get seat covers that fit your automotive interior, namely:

  • The Original Manufacturer: If youve chosen to go with the standard car seats for your vehicle, then you can confidently use the original seat covers from when your classic car was first released.
  • Custom Made: For car seat covers that are going to be a different shape or design than the original, it is good to look seat covers that have been custom made. This way you get the exact look that you want for your automobile.