Vintage Auto Decals and Emblems

Decals, emblems and detailing on cars and trucks refer to features on an automobile that are part of the design of the car or that display the cars logo. Vintage decals and emblems can also be found. Decals and emblems are important when it comes to the look of your car, and you may want to replace them if they are damaged or go missing.

Whats the difference between an emblem and a decal sticker?

An emblem is usually made of metal or hard plastic and is often held in place by pegs. A decal is a sticker even though it might be flat or raised in places. An emblem is more durable than a sticker and will probably last longer on the outside of a car.

How do you remove and replace emblems with pegs?

To remove the emblem, you will need something like an old credit card and a flat head screwdriver. Slide the edge of the credit card between the emblem and the car, and then use the screwdriver to lift the emblem up at the edges. Go around the edges of it with the screwdriver always shielding the car with the card until the emblem pops out of place. Now you can put the new one on. Simply line up the pegs of the emblem with the holes on the car, and press it into place with the palm of your hand; this method also works for some detailing and car ornaments.

How do you remove and replace car decals?

To remove and replace car decals, pull the old one off with your fingers or use a heat gun to first soften the adhesive holding it in place. Next, clean the area alternating between a strong solution of rubbing alcohol and the edge of an old credit. There are also special solutions specifically for cleaning off adhesives. Dry the area, and put the new sticker on.

What brand name emblems are available?

There a many different brand name emblems, decals, and stickers available including Ford, Buick, Chevy, Subaru, and Nissan to name a few.

What are vintage emblems?

Vintage emblems refer to those created for car models that are no longer being manufactured. However, they can be placed on your car from that era or a car from a different era to give it a vintage look. Vintage emblems are likely to have pegs for installation rather than adhesive.