How to Select A Universal Cell Phone Charging Docks

A cell phone allows you to stay connected with your friends and family, but talking, playing games, and other tasks put a drain on the battery. A universal cell phone charging dock can help you keep your phone charged throughout the day.

What types of charging docks are available?
  • USB charging dock: These accessories will have either a pre installed USB port such as a Micro USB, USB-C, Lightning, or other connection designed for a particular mobile phone or will have a standard USB port where you can connect your own charging cable to the base.
  • Wireless charging dock: There are two main types of wireless charging docks. Some smartphones will have wireless charging built in as a feature. Some wireless charging docks will come with a conversion option that has a USB dongle that connects to the charging port of your phone and allows it to be charged wirelessly. Some wireless charging docks include a car mount.
How do you select a universal charging dock?
  • Gather information about your phone. You will need to know the make and model of your smartphone. Some models may have the same external appearance but differ in the charging methods.
  • Choose a connection type: You can select between USB and wireless options to connect your phone to the charging dock.
  • Select a brand: If you prefer OEM charging docks, you will want to select those manufactured by the same company that produced your cell phone. There are also other branded and unbranded options that are compatible with your model of smartphone.
  • Choose a number of ports: Some charging docks will allow you to charge more than one phone at a time. These will have multiple USB ports available.
  • Select features: Features include LED lighting that indicates how much of the battery has been charged and car mounts. You can also choose different colors that can complement your smartphone.
What is a charging station?

A charging station allows you to charge multiple items such as your smartphone or tablet. A charging station will have multiple charging outlets that provide a higher voltage to support the power needed to recharge more than one mobile device simultaneously. Many charging stations have slots or dividers that hold your cell phone and other devices to keep them organized while charging.

What is a Qi charging pad?

Qi is a type of wireless charging pad that is a standard system supported by many of the major mobile device manufacturers. These charging pads use an inductive charging method that can charge your smartphone in distances of up to 1.6 inches. Qi charging pads are available in a range of Watts. A Qi charging pad will be compatible with any cell phone that has the Qi charging feature built in and will have an LED indicator to notify you when the smartphone is fully charged.