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Unisex Kids' Sleepwear

Unisex kids' sleepwear ranges from onesies for toddlers to silk pajamas and terrycloth robes for teens. Sleepwear comes in a wide variety of styles and interesting prints that are suitable for both boys and girls. Choose your family's pajamas wisely and dress your kids in comfort for bedtime and at-home lounging.

Do pajamas for boys fit the same as for girls?

Unlike adult clothing, children’s clothing is sized similar for boys and girls, especially for younger children. In other words, a toddler’s small size in pajama pants for a girl should fit a boy toddler who would commonly wear the same size pajamas. When buying pajamas and other nightclothes, the safest way to make sure you get a good fit is to refer to the sizing chart or specific clothing measurements. Remember to allow a little wiggle room since kids grow fast.

What sort of unisex pajamas are available for girls?

Here are some suitable unisex pajama selections that will work well for girls:

  • Fleece pajama pants with a stripe paired with a loose-fitting cotton T-shirt.
  • Plaid pajamas with a button-up shirt topped with a terrycloth robe.
  • Red-footed pajamas paired with a fur-trimmed hat.
  • Kids' character pajamas that double as Halloween costumes or cosplay outfits, such as ones with Wonder Woman or Spiderman themes.
  • Thermal long john separates or one pieces.
What fabrics provide the best functionality for gender-neutral pajamas?

For kids, look for fabrics that are both durable and comfortable. For winter, thermals, fleece, and flannel pajamas provide an extra layer of warmth on cold winter nights. In the summer, light knits and polyester with lots of give for playing around will keep the children comfortable and stand up to repeated washing.

What matching Christmas pajama sets are there?

In some families, wearing matching sleepwear is a tradition during the holiday season. Wearing bright colors, cool reindeer, happy snowmen, and goofy Santas is as much a part of the Christmas tradition as are the tree and gifts. Here are some traditional matching Christmas pajamas suitable for boys and girls:

  • Matching kids tops and bottoms in Christmas green with a candy-cane print.
  • Christmas pajamas that resemble Santa's suit, complete with the imprint of beard and black belt.
  • Kids cotton T-shirt sleepwear with a cartoon family opening gifts imprinted on a T-shirt paired with red plaid pants.
  • Matching Christmas pajama sets to dress everyone from infants to teens in a cheery red-and-white pattern.