Unbranded MP4 Playable Media Format Players

Take MP3 and MP4 Players With You Wherever You Go

Listening to music on the go isnt difficult when you own a music player compatible with MP3 and MP4 player formats found in this eBay collection. Besides listening to the player directly on a headset, users may connect the device to a computer or laptop. High storage volume allows for compiling a tremendous library of music and other audio files.

What operating systems do MP3/MP4 players work with?

The answer depends on the particular media player in question. A newer device should display whether it is an MP3 or MP4 player for Windows 10. Players for Windows 7, XP, and XP 32 bit are also commonly available. If you purchase an Apple MP3/MP4 compatible device, these devices work with the Mac OS. Youll want to check the manufacturers website to see which Mac OS is compatible.

What ways can an MP3 music player connect?

Users can choose from several ways to connect an MP3 or MP4 player. The variety of connection options allows for using the player in many environments. The typical means of connecting include:

  • USB - USB refers to a specific type of hardwired cable connection. USB connections come in multiple formats including 1.0, 2.0. 3.0, and mini versions.
  • Wi-Fi - As long as an MP4 player can connect to a secured or unsecured Wi-Fi network, the media player can connect.
  • Bluetooth - Commonly used for mobile devices, Bluetooth connects fixed devices such as desktop computers.
How much storage capacity is available on an MP3/MP4 player?

The amount of storage capacity varies depending on the specific device. Players could offer anywhere from 4GB of storage to over 100GB. A media player with high storage capacities in the 160GB range is useful for storing and playing larger video files. Many affordable choices are available on eBay.

Does an MP3/MP4 device play other types of media files?

A dedicated MP3 or MP4 player might be limited to only playing audio files. However, the players design could provide compatibility with other files such as AVI for video. The player may also store and display images such as JPEGs and others. The device might also come with the ability to play games. Another expanded function can be a voice recorder allowing users to dictate, record, and then play spoken dialogue. Review the devices features to determine its specific functions and corresponding media file formats. You can also check the manufacturers website for details specific to the device.