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Toyota Prius Trunk Lids and Parts

There are Toyota Prius trunk lids and parts for all different model years. Accessories help to make the trunk lid most effective. Washing the trunk regularly keeps it shiny and aesthetically pleasing.

What styles of trunk lids are there?

Toyota trunk lids come in a variety of styles for different designs and years of the Toyota Prius. Generally speaking, the Prius is a hatchback, meaning that most trunk styles include auto glass. Depending on the year, some designs appear more sedan-like.

What accessories help Toyota trunks to be effective?

Handles, locks, lift supports, brackets, and hardware parts help to attach the Toyotas trunk lid to the rest of the Prius and to improve effectiveness. The benefits of these parts are listed below:

  • Handles are mounted on the outside of the car and require a variety of different grips and pressure to open.
  • The lock is built into the handle so that when the car is unlocked and pressure is applied to the handle, the mechanism is released and the Toyotas trunk opens freely. The trunk is automatically locked in most models while the car is moving over a certain speed.
  • Lift supports are long, cylindrical pieces that extend when the trunk opens and absorb some of the pressure exerted by the top of the lid so that it is not as heavy. This means that the person opening the trunk has to put less effort into keeping it open to load or unload cargo.
  • Brackets and hardware keep the actual Toyota trunk attached to the rest of the car. Without these pieces, the trunk would be unstable and at risk of coming apart from the Prius.
What are trunk lids made from?

Most trunk lids for the Prius are made from metal, paint, plastic, and auto glass. These elements combine together to form a light weight, durable trunk lid. Metals like aluminum and carbon fiber are selected over options like steel in order to keep the trunk lids weight to a minimum. This means that more individuals are capable of opening and closing the rear so that the car and its storage space are accessible to lots of different individuals. The auto glass is treated with temperature and pressure so that it can crack without shattering. This increases the safety of the Toyota Prius even further.

How do you clean a Toyota Prius trunk?

Trunks lids are usually cleaned as a product of regular car washes but can also be washed separately with warm water and soap applied with a sponge. Rub the sponge against the trunk until it is clean. Rinse it with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth. You may also choose to polish the paint and metal on the trunk in order to attain shine and prevent scratches. Apply the polish with a dry, soft cloth in a circular motion and repeat the process with another dry cloth to remove excess. Let the polish dry for most effective results.