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Nissan Frontier Truck Bed Accessories

The Nissan Frontier is a small to midsized truck model that has been produced since 1997. Frontier owners often love to modify their rides. This has led to the creation of numerous truck bed accessories that help owners get the most out of their trucks cargo spaces.

What are the different types of truck bed covers?

One of the most common cover types is the tonneau cover. This is a soft or hard cover that fits neatly over the top of your truck bed. Some tonneau covers fit flush with the top of the truck bed while others are higher to provide more space for your cargo. Another option is a truck cap, which is sometimes called a camper shell or topper. Here are some of your available choices:

  • Soft tonneau cover - Soft tonneau covers are great for weather protection or for hiding whatever cargo you have in the truck bed. They are often easier to remove than hard covers.
  • Hard tonneau cover - Hard tonneau covers are a good choice for theft protection as many have locking mechanisms. They cannot easily be cut open.
  • Tri-fold tonneau cover - This is a type of hard tonneau cover that folds open in three places for accessing your truck bed.
  • Roll-up tonneau cover - These covers are made of a soft material. They are light and easy to remove or install. They work well if you need access to your entire bed for hauling goods. When rolled up and secure, these covers also allow you to haul large or tall loads.
  • Truck cap - This is a hard shell that fits onto your trucks bed. It provides good height for cargo as it doesnt sit flush with the top of the bed. It protects against theft of your cargo.
How can you protect cargo against weather and theft?

There are a number of Nissan Frontier truck bed accessories to protect whatever you haul around. Tonneau covers come in different styles and help keep water and the elements away from your cargo. Hard covers can usually be locked for safety. Truck caps are another option to enclose the back-bed area of your truck. If you need to carry a lot of tools around, there are numerous toolboxes available that can be installed into the bed.

Which truck bed accessories can keep your cargo from sliding?

If you need to carry a lot of different items in your truck or you just want the groceries secured, get some dividers. There is a range of truck bed dividers and other accessories available for your Nissan Frontier. They range from simple nets to metal or plastic dividers that are bolted into the bed of your truck. Some of these accessories are made to be easily removed or reconfigured to meet your changing needs.