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Accessorizing your GMC Sonoma Truck

For any truck owner or enthusiast, there are many accessories to outfit your vehicle to meet your needs. Parts for your truck bed can turn it into a second workshop, office and even bedroom.

What Types of Accessories Are There for GMC Truck Beds?

  • Tool Boxes. These come in many sizes and are hardcore, durable metal boxes that can install in various locations throughout your bed. They can lock and also come with many storage options, including drawers and bins. 
  • Pop-up Campers. Wherever you are and whenever you need it, you can incorporate a pop-up cover to your bed and turn it into a two-person tent.
  • Tonneau Cover. Covers are a great accessory that can help protect whatever supplies or items you may be hauling or storing in your truck. Many styles use either plastic or a weatherproof leather that can fold back for easy access. 
  • Bed Mat. Bed mats are removable mats that fit the full size of any truck bed and protect the original bed of your vehicle. Because you can remove them, they are easy to clean or switch out for different types of mats. There are also tailgate mats which are smaller in size and cover just the tailgate when its down.
  • Headache Rack. From open to barred to gridded, there are many styles of headache racks available to choose from. This type of equipment attaches to the back of a truck that fits on the bed behind the cab. It protects items that you are hauling in the bed from sliding forward into the back window of the truck. Some styles have additional lights attached to the top that allow for extra lighting when working at night or dimly lights areas. Another benefit to this type of add-on, is that you can securely attach additional storage or cases to these racks.
  • X-tenders. This accessory extends your storage capabilities into your tailgate area. These are a metal, fence-like extension that fits at the end of your truck bed, extending into the tailgate and blocks items from falling off the back of your vehicle. 

What Are Other Accessories for Your Sonoma Truck?

  • Floor Liners. These are durable and removable liners that line your trucks floor and are easy to clean.
  • Seat Covers. Seat covers protect your original upholstery from dirt or other contaminants.
  • Vent Visors and Window Deflectors. These allow your windows to be open a crack but block anything from getting into your truck. 
  • Mud Flaps. Flaps protect your wheelhouse from getting caked-on mud as well as from road debris kicking up into the wheel.
  • Running Boards and Foot Steps. Attached these to the exterior of your vehicle to act as an extra step to help get into your truck.

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