Trivial Pursuit for Rainy Days and Nights

Trivial Pursuit is a novelty board game that tests your knowledge in different categories. In addition to the standard game, you'll now find different editions for children and fans of pop culture. You can choose the vintage or newer editions that work for your family and group. Newer editions will have pop culture questions more relevant to recent decades and include more current events in political and historical categories. It will also have more recent geographical names.

What are the official rules for Trivial Pursuit?

When playing Trivial Pursuit, each player receives a small round game piece. As you work your way around the board and answer questions, you receive pieces that fit inside. The person who fills their piece first is the winner. You only get pieces when you land on the spots on the edge of the board. You also need to roll the dice, get back to the center and answer one final question to win.

How many people can play the game?

The box to this board game claims that it is suitable for two to six players. The standard edition is for players eight and older. If you have more than six players, you can break into teams. Each team will take turns rolling the dice and answering questions. If necessary, a team captain can be chosen in order to choose the best answer from among the teammates.

What are the question categories?

The Trivial Pursuit board game features six colors that each correspond to a different category. The categories include people and places, history, arts and entertainment, science and nature, and sports and leisure. The final color is the Wild Card category, which lets you answer a question from any category. Every time you land on the right spot and answer a question correctly, you get a pie piece of the same color. You need to get a piece from all six colors to win.

Are there different editions of Trivial Pursuit?

The first edition of the game released was the Genus edition. You can identify the age of a vintage game by the number listed after the word Genus. Trivial Pursuit Jr is a new version of the game with easier questions for kids. When The Gamer ranked the different editions, they choose Trivial Pursuit Hints as one option. This digital version of the game requires batteries and randomly asks players questions. You'll find editions for different decades such as the 1980s and 2000s. Some players may prefer versions dedicated to franchises such as The Nightmare Before Christmas or the Horror Movie edition.