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Jeep Liberty CV Parts

After a certain number of miles, your Jeep Liberty may need replacement CV parts for the transmission. Whether your vehicle needs a new CV joint, shaft, or boot, replacements exist to bring your automatic Jeeps drivetrain back to a like-new condition. Various CV joints, gaskets and axles are available from many different manufacturers to fit your Liberty transmission.

What do CV parts do?

CV, or constant velocity, parts connect the hubs to the axles of your Jeep. These parts allow your Libertys driveshaft to transfer engine power to the wheels of your car without any loss of energy from friction. The CV axle allows your cars steering wheel to be turned in any direction without losing power.

When does the CV joint or axle need replacing?

There are several symptoms of a bad CV joint or axle.

  • Grease leaking from the CV axle: If grease is leaking from the CV axle, this means that it has cracked and will likely fail soon. Once this happens, the CV axle is exposed to dirt and other exterior elements that will cause it to dry out.
  • Humming sounds: If your Liberty makes a humming sound, that may be a sign that the CV joint needs lubrication. If the joint lacks lubrication, it will need to be replaced.
  • Clicking or popping sounds: If your Jeep is making clicking or popping sounds during turns, this is the sound of your CV joint under stress, meaning it is time for replacement.
  • Shuddering during acceleration: If your Jeep Liberty shudders while accelerating, that can be a sign of a failing CV joint or axle.
  • Difficulty steering: Difficulty steering can be caused by a number of different factors, but if your vehicle struggles to make corners or sharp turns, this is possibly a sign that the CV joint is failing.
What are CV parts?

There are typically two components sold for the Jeep Liberty depending on what you need to replace.

  • CV Axle:Pre-fabricated CV axles are available that include new joints and boots. These connect to the end of your Jeep Libertys driveshaft and extend all the way out to the wheels. A CV axle includes two CV joints and CV boots to protect the joins.
  • CV Joint: CV joints attach to the CV axle and are protected by CV boots. These can sometimes be replaced without replacing the entire axle. The Jeep Liberty has two CV joints on each CV axle. One is located on the inside, and the other is located next to the hub.