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Hummer H2 Tailgates and Liftgates

Hummer H2 tailgates and liftgates enable you to access the rear of your vehicle with ease. Because they undergo frequent opening and closing, these components experience a high level of wear. Whether you need to repair a part or replace the full panel, use this selection of tailgates and liftgates for Hummer H2 to streamline the process.

What are tailgates and liftgates?

Although they serve similar purposes, tailgates and liftgates feature a different design and opening method. They can also be found for different types of Hummer H2 vehicles. Because the parts are different, it’s important to know the style and year of your truck before ordering a Hummer replacement part.

  • Liftgate: The liftgate is the back door of the Hummer H2 SUV. Instead of swinging outward like a traditional door, the liftgate raises and lowers using top hinges. This process lifts the panel above your head, allowing easy access to the enclosed rear storage area of the vehicle. The liftgate features a handle and a latch.
  • Tailgate: A tailgate is a flip-down unit on the rear of Hummer H2 sport utility trucks. This type of Hummer H2 features a small pickup truck-style cargo bed and the tailgate allows access to this area. When it is in an upright closed position, the tailgate is secured by a sturdy latch.
What is a lock actuator?

The lock actuator is the electronic device that operates the power locks on your Hummer H2. When you push the unlock button on your key fob or in the cabin, the actuator moves the gears and cables that engage and disengage the lock. If you use a key to unlock your tailgate or liftgate, it bypasses the actuator and allows manual operation. Lock actuators come with gears and cables, but may also be sold separately.

What parts are there for Hummer H2 liftgates and tailgates?

Although liftgates and tailgates are different components, they use many similar parts. Be sure to verify that a part is compatible with your model as well as the style of your rear closure.

  • Latch and lock: The latch secures the tailgate or liftgate to the body of the H2. When the lock is engaged, it prevents the latch from disengaging.
  • Handle: The handle operates the latch and enables you to open or close the tailgate and liftgate.
  • Weather seals: These rubber strips sit around the frame of the tailgate and liftgate, creating a tight seal and preventing debris and moisture from getting inside. The rubber also acts as a protective barrier between the metal edges of the vehicle and the panel.
  • Hinges: These heavy-duty hinges enable the tailgate or liftgate to swing or lift open. Because they support the weight of the panel, they are made of high-strength steel.