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Tail Lights for Toyota Prius C

Toyota Prius C Taillights

Taillight replacements and upgrades for the Toyota Prius clearly have a practical purpose. Choosing correctly can add a boost to the aesthetics of your Prius. With a little research, you can find the perfect taillights to accentuate the iconic curves of your hybrid vehicle.

What types of taillights are there for the Prius?

While most factory equipped taillights for the contemporary designed Prius C are already set up with LED diodes, other types of lighting equipment can be found. Besides LED, HID or High Energy Discharge bulbs are common in vehicle lighting. LED diodes are rated to last for at least 50,000 hours and HID bulbs are rated to last for about 2,000 hours.

How do you install taillight assemblies for the Toyota Prius?

When upgrading to new LED taillights or replacing a damaged taillight assembly in your Prius C, it’s often necessary to replace the entire taillight assembly unit. Follow these simple instructions to remove the old assembly in your Toyota and roll out with something new:

  • Turn off the engine, disconnect the battery, and open the tailgate.
  • If replacing both assemblies, pick a side then locate and remove the two bolts holding the old taillight assembly in place.
  • Pull the assembly a short distance away from the car and disconnect the electrical harnesses.
  • Discard the old assembly and position the new taillight assembly into place.
  • Connect the electrical harnesses and secure the new taillight assembly in the cavity with the two bolts. Repeat these steps for the opposite side if necessary.
What are the benefits of smoked taillights for the Prius C?

Prius C owners often upgrade to new taillights just for the benefit of tinting their ride. But what exactly are smoked taillights? This alternate type of stop indicator works just the same as a conventional taillight, but with a twist: smoked taillights make use of a lightly tinted film to make your taillights appear darker on the road.

How do you replace the 3rd brake light in a Toyota Prius C?

It’s easy to replace this brake indicator, also called the center high mount stop light, that is required by law in North America. Follow these easy steps to install a new third brake light and make sure your Toyota Prius C is up to spec.

  • Turn off the engine, disconnect the battery, and open the tailgate.
  • Above the rear window, locate the two bolts holding the third brake light in place.
  • Remove the bolts and pull the brake light a short distance away from the vehicle to disconnect the electrical harness.
  • Position the new assembly into place outside above the rear window and reach inside the tailgate to secure it into place with the bolts.