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Pontiac Montana Tail Lights

A great deal of safety on the roadways depends on a vehicle having properly functioning lighting accessories to signal to other drivers the intentions while sharing the road. When you experience problems with the taillights on your Montana, knowing where to look for the proper parts and quality accessories can ensure you are able to do your part in keeping the driving experience a safe one.

What parts makeup a taillight assembly?

The taillight assemblies are mounted on each side of the rear of the automobile. These assemblies illuminate to provide a warning to drivers behind the automobile. The reverse lighting accessories are also located in the taillight assembly, letting others know when the automobile is going to go in a backward motion. Turn signal illumination accessories also found in the taillight assembly provide signaling to other drivers that the car will be turning.

What is a third brake light for a Pontiac Montana?

A third brake fixture accessory is a light that is positioned typically in the back window of a car. These light accessories are set at eye level to ensure other drivers are able to see when the car is slowing or coming to a stop. The third brake fixture on a Montana is located at the top of the back hatchback.

How do you change the Montana minivan taillight bulbs?

Changing these parts in the taillight housing of your Pontiac Montana can be done in a matter of minutes when you know what you are looking for. Here is a guide to help you when performing these maintenance tasks.

  1. Gain access to the taillight housings. Open the hatchback of the vehicle.
  2. Locate the housing. Look in the corner of the vehicle where the wiring harness goes into.
  3. Remove the socket. Press the metal tabs and turn the lightbulb socket to the right or left. Pull the socket out using a gentle motion so the wires are not damaged.
  4. Remove the lightbulb. The lightbulb can be twisted to the left to disengage it from the socket. Use gloves so the filament within the bulb is not damaged.
  5. Replace lightbulb and reassemble. Put the replacement lightbulb into the socket, making sure that you dont over-tighten the lightbulb. Replace the socket into the taillight housing, ensuring that it is snug into position.
What color bulbs can be used within a taillight assembly?

By law, taillights are designed to give off a specific color illumination to follow the conduct and rules of the road. Turn signal lights should give off an amber or red illumination. Brake lighting and running lights on the rear of the automobile should have a red glow. The reverse lights should always glow white. The only color bulbs that should be used in a taillight housing to ensure proper signaling is white or amber.