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Tail Lights for Pontiac G6

Pontiac G6 Tail Lights

Having working tail lights on your Pontiac G6 is a crucial part of your safety as a driver. Being able to alert other drivers when you are slowing down or preparing to make a turn will keep your G6 visible. If the tail lights on your Pontiac G6 are broken or on their way out, you may want to consider purchasing replacement bulbs as soon as possible.

What are the different functions of tail lights?
  • Brakes: Most vehicles use the same bulb to operate their tail lights as well as their brake lights. The tail light becomes brighter when the driver applies their brakes. This notifies other drivers that you are slowing down and possibly stopping.
  • Visibility: While driving your G6 at night, it may be difficult for your car to be seen. Working Pontiac G6 tail lights will allow other vehicles to see your car and give you space on the road.
  • Turning signals: Otherwise known as blinkers or indicators, they allow you to communicate with other drivers and alert them that you will be making a right or left turn.
  • Safety: All the previous functions of these lights are meant to promote the safety of you and others sharing the road.
When is it time to replace a bulb?

Depending on the year and model of your Pontiac, there are different ways to tell if it is time to replace one of your rear bulbs. Indicators will often flash quicker than usual to alert you that it is time for a change. Brake lights on your Pontiac G6 are a bit more difficult because they are placed behind you, and you are not usually aware when they stop working. It is beneficial to regularly check them by applying the brake and having a friend tell you if they are working or not. Otherwise you can park your Pontiac G6 near a wall at nighttime, and apply your break using your rear view mirror to look for the red glow.

How do you find the right tail lights?

When shopping for the correct light, or any car part for that matter, you must search for it by using the make, model, and year of your Pontiac. The light for the Pontiac G6 may not be the same size as the light for the Pontiac GT, so you must be very specific when it is time to order the replacement parts for your vehicle.