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Pontiac G5 Tail Lights

A variety of different taillight styles are available for the Pontiac G5 vehicle, including individualized, factory, projector, and black. Each style varies slightly, though all perform the same function. Cleaning your taillights regularly can help to keep them maximally effective.

What are individualized models?

Individualized styles of taillights are available with different combinations of bezels and lenses. Bezels range in thickness and finish. Some are available in metallic hues while others come in matte finishes. Lenses vary in shades of red; some are lighter and some darker. Combining different bezels with lenses means that G5 drivers can appeal to personal aesthetics.

What do factory styles entail?

Taillight styles typically combine relatively thin bezels with standard lenses. These designs come in all different shapes and styles to accommodate lots of different G5 model years. They make for a very straightforward look that is efficient at increasing visibility from the rear of the car.

How do projector lights work?

Projector models for the G5 narrow beams so that it shines further behind the car than it normally would. LED styles, DRL bar designs, and halo models are all examples of projector lights. Halos surround the middle of the light to narrow the beam while bar designs include a line on the top of the light to project it. LED styles refer to the type of bulb used rather than a specific look. These sorts of models can be especially conducive to inclement weather, haze, and dark conditions.

What are qualities of black taillight models?

These models appear very dark when the G5 is powered off, but shine true red when they are in use. The difference in shading of the actual lens is designed to appeal to a wide audience. These models are also available in lots of different shapes and silhouettes.

What sorts of bulbs are compatible with taillights?

LED, halogen, and incandescent models can be used to power Pontiac G5 taillights. LED bulbs are relatively small, burn for long periods of time, and require fairly little energy. Halogen bulbs have capsules in the middle to protect filaments and also burn bright white. Incandescent bulbs burn slightly yellower and softer than either of the other styles.

What are care tips for taillights?

To clean your G5 taillights, mix warm water and soap together into a solution. Use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe taillights until they are free of debris. Rinse them with clean water and dry them with another soft cloth.