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Tail Lights for Plymouth Voyager

Plymouth produced the Voyager from 1974 to 2000, and during that time the company continually changed the design of the vehicle. That means that when youre searching for replacement taillights and accessories, knowing which model vehicle you are working with is important. When a bulb burns out, usually all that’s necessary is a quick replacement with an OEM-compatible bulb; however, sometimes a new socket will also be required.

What types of Plymouth Voyager taillights are available?

There is a wide range of taillights that have been produced for the Plymouth Voyager. The options include OEM taillights as well as different styles of aftermarket products. Among the options for aftermarket taillights for these vehicles are:

  • Fiber optics
  • Euro
  • Custom
  • LED
  • Blacked out
How can you tell if you need a bulb socket?

If you install a replacement bulb, but your Plymouth’s taillights still won’t spark up, then you may need a new socket assembly. Make sure that the replacement bulb for your Plymouth model has an intact filament. If the filament is intact, you can use a multimeter to ensure that there is electricity flowing to the bulb socket. If the reading on your multimeter is low, changing out the bulb socket may restore the operation of your taillight.

What taillight replacement bulbs fit a Plymouth Voyager?

There are several ways to find the right replacement bulb for your Plymouth Voyager taillight assembly. These methods include:

  • Find the model bulb that is currently installed in your taillight housing.
  • Use the recommended bulb model located in the vehicle owners manual.
What types of taillight bulbs are available for a Voyager?

There are two main types of taillight bulbs that are manufactured for the Plymouth Voyager vans. These bulbs include the incandescent and the LED.

  • Incandescent: This is a gas-filled glass globe that operates when an encased filament is heated through a power source carried by a lead-in wire.
  • LED: This is a bulb that produces light through the use of a diode. These lights contain several smaller bulbs to produce adequate amounts of illumination for the taillight. LED lights were designed to provide a more energy-efficient option to the incandescent bulbs.
What color bulbs can be used in a Voyager taillight?

There are only three colors of bulbs that can be used in the taillight housing: amber, white, and red. These colors will not interfere with the proper illumination of the taillight.

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