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Nissan Frontier Taillights

Nissan Frontier taillights are available in a variety of styles. Additionally, different bulbs can be used to achieve lots of aesthetic and practical effects. Most importantly though, cleaning your trucks taillights when they are dirty allows others to see when you apply pressure to your brakes and increases driving safety.

What styles of tail beams are available?

Nissan Frontier replacement tail beams come in many different styles, including individualized, factory, LED, and black.

  • Individualized tail beams come with the potential for different combinations of bezels and lenses. Some are black plastic while others are different types of metal.
  • Nissan factory tail beams typically have lightly colored bezels that are skinny and paired with undarkened lenses. Typically, taillights are tinted red as a universal signal for the rear of the car. If tail beams glow, the driver is alerted that the driver in front of them has started applying pressure to the brake. Factory lights make this as easy as possible to discern.
  • Nissan LED tail beams refer to the type of bulb utilized. Often, these are among the brightest models and project light further behind the vehicle so that it glows well in inclement weather or in hazy conditions.
  • Black tail beams may be used on specialty Frontiers. They emit red light like the rest of the taillight models; however, they appear darker and slightly sleeker than most taillight designs.
What materials are taillights made from?

Typically, Frontier taillights are made from a combination of metal and durable plastic. The bezels can be made of different materials as well. As mentioned, oftentimes red plastic or coatings are applied to the outsides of tail beams to achieve the desired hue. Also, clear plastic is present near the taillights to serve as reverse lighting in white so that drivers know when cars in front of them are backing up.

What types of bulbs are options for tail beams?

LED, halogen, and incandescent lights can be utilized with Nissan Frontier tail beams. LEDs are small in size and do not take much energy to power. They also last for a long time. Halogen designs burn especially brightly and utilize a quartz bubble at the center to house a filament. Incandescent bulbs are typically what people envision upon picturing a lightbulb. They burn slightly more yellow than white.

How do you clean taillights?

Nissan taillights can be cleaned thoroughly during a standard car wash. However, if you encounter especially muddy or messy conditions, you can wash your taillights independently. First, mix warm water and soap together. Then, apply the solution to a sponge and wipe the taillights until they are clean. Rinse them with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth, being careful not to scratch the red finish.