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Tail Lights for Mercury Villager

Tail Lights for Mercury Villager

The Mercury Villager is a minivan that was in production from 1993 to 2002 and manufactured by Nissan, but marketed for Fords Mercury subdivision. The Villager model was known for its innovative seating configurations and sliding back row, which could accommodate cargo without necessitating seat removal. The Mercury taillights serve as necessary operating equipment and house brake lights, turn signals, and backup lights.

How do you shop for a replacement halogen bulb?

Villager taillights come stock from the factory with halogen bulbs. There are a few things to consider when shopping for replacements:

  • Find the right size. You can consult your Mercury Villager owners manual to make sure that you get the right part, or you can remove the existing part and inspect it for sizing information. The numbers you need are located on the metal housing of the bulb.
  • Consider the brightness and color of the light you want. Halogen bulbs all work essentially the same way. They are incandescent, meaning that they use filaments to create illumination. However, not every halogen bulb is the same in light output. You can get simple halogens and ones with blue tinting to provide bright white light output.
  • Consider how you want the assembly to look when the lights are not in use. Chrome-coated bulbs can be found for lights with chrome reflectors and bezels to provide a more low-profile look.
Can you replace halogen bulbs with LEDs?

LED conversion kits can be found for Mercury taillights. These conversion kits provide a replacement light source that fits into the existing socket and works with the existing electrical system of the car.

Are there benefits to using amber turn signals?

Amber flashers are the stock option on the Mercury Villager, and there are some benefits to using them. Among replacement assemblies, there are options for all red and clear lights, which come with their own benefits. Amber lights are typically eye-catching and provide a safety benefit in that they are easily seen when flashing. Some people, however, choose to keep amber turn signals for aesthetic reasons and prefer a more traditional appearance.

Can the Villager take aftermarket taillight replacements?

It is possible to use aftermarket taillights on the Mercury Villager, but these kinds of tail lights are not meant to emulate factory parts and may require changes to be made to the mounting site or existing electrical systems in the vehicle to function properly. Be sure to check the specifications of the light assembly you would like to use to make sure they are compatible with your specific vehicle.