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Tail Lights for Lexus IS350

The taillights on your Lexus IS350 must be in working condition if you are to keep the car operating safely. Working taillights are not just necessary for your safety but also for that of the other motorists. When something goes wrong with your Lexus taillights, you can look through the variety of available options in order to find the right choice for you and your cars model.

What is the taillight assembly?

The taillight assembly refers to the lighting system at the rear of a vehicle that consists of the tail lamp, brake lamps, reversing lights, and turn lights. Each component is designed for a specific purpose and is triggered in different scenarios. The reversing lights have the highest illumination intensity in the assembly, and they turn on when backing up as you drive. In some cars, the brake light and tail lamps are fused together. If any part of the taillight assembly is damaged in your IS350, it may be necessary to replace the entire group, due to the interconnected nature of the assembly.

What taillight options are available for your Lexus IS350?

Halogen lights are the standard installations on most models. They contain incandescent bulbs that use halogen gas inside the glass enclosure to extend the lifespan of the bulb. Light-emitting diode (LED) taillights are present in cars manufactured after 2000 and others are made with xenon, often known as Xenon HID headlights.

What are features of LED taillights for your IS350?
  • LED taillights are designed to have good visibility. LED taillights have several light bulbs, which together emit light that is exceptionally bright. The bright light emitted by these bulbs makes it easier for other drivers to spot your vehicle early, even in cloudy or low-light conditions. It also makes it easier for you to see them.
  • LED lights are known for their durability and impressively long lifespan. Taillights are exposed to various hazards, including thermal shocks, bad weather, and vibrations. The lack of filaments in LED bulbs makes them more resistant to breaking than some other types of lights.
  • The energy efficiency of LED taillights makes them both a useful and responsible choice. Your car battery will not have to work hard to power the lights, which improves fuel efficiency and battery longevity.
When do you need replacement taillights for your Lexus?

Taillights can become damaged due to various factors, and knowing how to check for signs will alert you to the problem before it is too late. A blown fuse can cause illumination issues in your taillights. Depending on the vehicle model, the lamps in the taillight can have separate circuits or share the same fuse. If the fuse is broken, replacing it will most likely be able to get your tail lamp working again in a timely fashion. Another reason to switch the taillight on your Lexus IS350 is if the bulbs have burned out. Melted socket boards, faulty wiring, and burned contacts will also interfere with the functioning of a taillight and could damage other components if left in their damaged condition.

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