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Honda Ridgeline Taillights

Many different taillight styles are available for the Honda Ridgeline. Black, mixed, standard, and projector taillights are all options for this truck, available for different model years. Several different types of replacement bulbs can be used with each taillight design.

What are black designs?

Black styles appear the darkest of all styles. When turned off, they look completely black. When the truck is turned on and taillights are in use, they glow standard red as any other taillight would. The lens and bezel are both a dark shade, creating the illusion of a completely black light. These lights allow truck owners to exercise personal aesthetic preference to outfit the vehicle accordingly.

What are qualities of mixed styles?

Mixed taillights include many different bezel and lens options. Bezel choices vary in thickness, material, and color. Metallic, plastic, silver, black, thick, and thin styles are all available. Lenses come in clear and different shades of gray, including the black discussed. Being able to pair select bezels with lenses allows the vehicles owner to create a specific pairing. All mixed taillights glow red for practicality and safety.

What are features of standard styles?

Standard back beams typically combine a thin, metallic bezel with a clear lens. This is the most widely recognized combination and allows for a straightforward function. Standard models come in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of model years.

How do projector styles work?

Projector back lights glow especially bright; they condense beams so that they shine further behind the Honda truck than usual. This can help increase safety in poor weather conditions or while driving at night to prevent rear-collision accidents. DRL bar taillights use a line of brightness at the top to define the style while halo taillights use a circle around the middle of the model.

What kinds of light bulbs can be used?

Several types of bulbs are available for use with taillights, including halogen, incandescent, and LED styles. LED styles are relatively little compared to other styles. They take minimal energy to run and burn brightly. These are common among projector taillights. Halogen styles also burn brightly due to a capsule that protects the bulb’s filament. Incandescent styles are widely available and burn slightly softer than either of the other two models.

What are easy ways to care for taillights?

Back beams can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Lather the mixture onto the rear beams and rub until they are completely free of mud, salt, and other debris. It may be beneficial to clean back beams more often in wintry conditions when there is likely to be an increased amount of salt and chemicals on the road.