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Honda Insight Taillights

Taillights play a big part in your safety while driving your Honda Insight. They can let other drivers make adjustments whenever you brake, and they can illuminate the rear of your Insight at night. If your brake lights are damaged, you also run the risk of getting pulled over by the police, so its a good idea to replace your taillights sooner rather than later.

Can you replace factory Honda Insight taillights?

Because of their position on the vehicle, taillights can easily get damaged. All it takes is an errant judgment while parking or a small fender bender at slow speeds. If this happens to you, you can find a replacement that will match your standard OEM product. Search for left or right side taillights that will fit your Honda model and year. Some parts may be marketed as only fitting one model year, while others may be described as fitting a range of vehicles. There are some products that fit 2010 - 2011 Insights and others that fit 2012 - 2014 Honda Insights, for example.

Do you have to replace the Honda’s entire taillight assembly?

No. You can choose whether to install either the whole component or just one part of it. There are taillight covers as well as bulbs. Some kits will include both. You can save yourself some time by only replacing the bulb or the cover if just one has experienced damage.

What are the advantages of LED taillights for the Honda?

Instead of going with incandescent bulbs, you can choose to go with LEDs.

  • These types of taillights can withstand vibrations associated with driving.
  • They can achieve full power instantaneously so that others will be aware from the first moment you put your foot on the brake.
  • They give off a brighter light compared to traditional taillight bulbs.
  • They are generally long-lasting.
What are some other Honda Insight taillight options?

If you want your Insight to exude style from all areas, you can upgrade your taillights to match your tastes.

  • Black bezel pieces: These products have a black background, which is referred to as the bezel. This can provide greater contrast and give the illusion of greater depth.
  • Chrome bezel pieces: Similarly, you could have shiny chrome as your background.
  • Colored lenses: The plastic cover is typically clear. For something different, you could go with an amber, smoke, or red tint. These will still be transparent so that light can shine through.
  • Fiber optics: You can find assemblies with fiber optic cables. They use LEDs that illuminate thin strands of glass, giving the appearance of neon.