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GMC Terrain Tail Lights

Tail lights are an important safety feature for your GMC Terrain. These red lights make it easier for other vehicles to see you on the road, both during the day and at night. Replacing tail lights when they go out is key to avoiding tickets and maintaining the safest ride possible.

How do tail lights function on a Terrain?

Tail lights are just one part of the lighting assembly for your GMC Terrain. When your headlights are on, your red tail lights will come on automatically. These lamps help prevent collisions, from minor fender benders to more serious actions at high speed. If your tail lights are defective, you can incur warnings and even tickets.

  • Tail lights: Red in color, these are always on when your headlights are on.
  • Brake lights: Also red in color. These light up when you step on the brake. On some cars, the tail lights and brake lights are all one unit, and the color intensity changes with function.
How do you find the right replacement parts for GMCs?

First, you need to know what kind of lighting setup your vehicle has. For some cars, the tail and brake lights are the same, just the color intensity changes when braking. You also need to be aware of the model year of your GMC. Manufacturers make slight changes from year to year, so the casing or lamp size could vary.

  • Type of light: On the GMC Terrain, the tail light is a dedicated lamp with just one function. The lamp and casing are separate from your brake lights.
  • Left or right: Theres a left and a right tail lamp. Be sure to consider if you need to replace just one or both. For bulbs, it wont matter much; the same size and wattage are compatible on each side. For the housing, however, you will need to be sure youre getting the proper part.
  • Model year: For the Terrain, significant changes were made between the 2010-2015 and 2015-2017 versions. Make sure you have the correct model year of your Terrain available when choosing replacement parts.
When do tail light assemblies need to be replaced?

Tail lights are a fairly exposed part of your vehicle. Engineers know that bulbs will burn out and that mild collisions are common. Because of this, GMC Terrain tail lights are easy to access and repair.

  • Bulb problems: Bulbs can burn out or lose their color coating. Make sure you know the base size and wattage of the bulb youre replacing
  • Housing problems: If the plastic housing for your tail light cracks or breaks, performance will suffer. Your car will be less visible at night and in poor weather conditions. Additionally, you risk being ticketed.