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Tail Lights for Chrysler PT Cruiser

Tail lights are an important component for the safety and legality of your driving experience. If you’re looking for tail lights for your car, you can easily find an assortment of Chrysler rear lighting styles and components, complete with brake indicator and turn signal integration for passenger and driver side lamps. In addition to the standard lighting sets, there are bumper lights, sockets, lamp pockets, connector plates, and more available for your Chrysler PT Cruiser.

What parts make up a Chrysler tail light assembly?

The Chrysler PT Cruiser uses a standard set of components for its rear illumination assembly:

  • Illumination and turn-signaling bulbs: light sources for your tail lights.
  • Casings: protect the bulbs in you car from exterior elements and provide color filtering for them.
  • Connector plates: attach the electronics to their corresponding interior switches and engine power source.
  • Lamp pockets: recessed holding buffers for the entire assembly.
Are there other types of Chrysler PT Cruiser tail lights?

There are a few variations in the Chrysler PT Cruiser tail light design, but these variations only differ in the arrangement of the turn signal and illumination assembly. The shape of the external casing remains the same for most replacements, and there are no significant functional differences between the stock and modified variants. Components designed for other models of vehicle shouldnt be used as replacement parts for your Chrysler PT Cruiser.

How do you replace your Chrysler PT Cruiser tail lights?

Replacing the tail lights in your PT Cruiser is very simple. Here is an idea of the process, which will only require a flathead screwdriver:

  1. At the bottom of each tail light is a flathead screw, which when removed will allow the assembly to be disengaged from the socket.
  2. Unscrew the bulb and gently tug on it to remove it from the assembly.
  3. The new bulb is installed the same way the old one was removed: first clicked into place, then screwed back in.
  4. Secure the assembly back into its socket with the flathead screw.
When should you replace your Chrysler PT Cruiser tail lights?

The following problems usually require the rear illumination components to be checked or replaced in your car:

  • A bulb isnt secured properly in its socket or has burned out.
  • A wire connection has broken due to a kink or fold.
  • A shock event, such as exterior impact or sudden jolts to the vehicle frame, has dislodged or broken a component.