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Tail Lights for Buick Park Avenue

Buick Park Avenue Taillights

From 1991 until 2012 Buick produced the Park Avenue as a luxury sedan. With such a long production time, Buick affirms that vital replacement parts, such as taillights, remain plentiful. When you search for Buick Park Avenue taillights, note the model year of your car to match the correct part of your vehicle.

How do you choose replacement rear lights?

First, note whether you need a right or left assembly for your Buick. Due to the curve of molded thermoplastic frames and lenses, the right and left lights are not interchangeable. Take a photo of the area if needed before you order a part. Other parts within the Buick Park Avenue configuration, such as bulbs and wiring harnesses, are not oriented and can be used interchangeably.

Do you have choices regarding replacement parts?

You may choose between several options of replacement parts for your Buick:

  • OEM parts, which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, signify that your part comes directly from Buick with original milled specifications.
  • Aftermarket branded parts, which contain the certification from CAPA, stipulates the part will perform well when installed correctly, but may require some adjustments.
  • You can also choose from a variety of unbranded parts.
Will you need to replace the entire light assembly?

You may replace the whole light assembly if necessary, but check if your Buick Park Avenue sedan needs a single part first. For instance, you may only need to replace a rear combo lamp assembly screw. Any bulb of the halogen, incandescent, or LED variety can easily be installed with slightly more effort.

What are your bulb choices?

Your bulb choice will depend on the type of assembly already installed on your vehicle. If you want to use a different type of bulb, you may need to purchase a conversion kit. There are several different types of bulbs to choose from. The following are the most widely used types:

  • LED lights supply a large amount of illumination with minimal energy required.
  • Halogen lights produce a wide angle of lighting for your Buick Park Avenue.
  • Incandescent bulbs render a soft glow.
How can you customize the look of your car?

Your Buick Park Avenue sedan can be easily customized by switching the lens color. Red remains standard, but you may select amber or clear lenses to vary the appearance of your vehicle. Another way to change the rear view of your Buick is to install an assembly that accommodates xenon bulbs.