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Taillights for Buick LaCrosse

The Buick LaCrosse entered the luxury sedan market in 2004 for the 2005 model year and transitioned from a midsize to a full-size sedan in 2009. The redesign in 2009 shifted the LaCrosse firmly into the full-size luxury sedan market with the LaCrosse then becoming the Buick flagship sedan. Taillights are necessary safe operating equipment for all vehicles and are an important style element, especially for luxury vehicles.

What are black taillights?

Black taillights have a dark appearance when they are off. They may even look almost completely black. However, when the turn signals, brake lights, running lights, hazards, and other lighting elements are in use, they function similarly to other taillights with the desired effects shining through clearly and concisely. The look of these dark taillights is achieved with two key pieces: the lens cover and the back bezel. The lens cover of black taillights is smoke, and the back bezel is black or sometimes dark smoke. The bezel creates a dark backdrop for the lighting elements, and the smoke lens cover for the taillight assembly darkens everything until the lights are turned on.

What are the benefits of using LED bulbs?
  • LED bulbs are able to create illumination for tens of thousands of hours continuously before becoming inoperable. It is possible for LEDs to last for as long as the life of your Buick.
  • The energy needed to light LED bulbs is very low, which means that they contribute negligibly to the depletion of the car battery and wear on the alternator.
  • LEDs create bright white light. This brightness provides clear visibility for drivers and pedestrians.
  • LED bulbs come up to full brightness immediately, making them instantly noticeable to other people on the road and nearby drivers.
What are the benefits of using halogen bulbs?
  • Halogen bulbs have been the standard bulbs used for many automotive lighting needs and are easy to find and purchase.
  • Halogens naturally create light that is warm and falls into the yellow light spectrum, and there are several coatings available for halogens that alter the light output. Some bulbs are coated to make the light brighter and fall into a whiter temperature spectrum, and some bulbs have style-inspired coatings on them, like chrome, to change the way the lights look when not in use.
  • If halogen bulbs come standard in the taillight assembly for your Buick LaCrosse, replacing them with other halogens is easy and straightforward. All that is needed is for the old bulb to be removed and the new one pushed into the existing socket.
How do you find out what size bulb is needed?

The two most reliable ways to determine bulb size is to either check the Buick owners manual or to remove the bulb you wish to replace and check it for sizing information. This will be printed on the glass of the bulb or on the metal housing.