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Tail Lights for Buick Century

Buick Century Tail Lights

Having a taillight out on your Buick Century sedan is one of those vehicle issues that is easy to notice, but sometimes it’s hard to diagnose. Since there are so many different components to a tail light on a Century model, there are a variety of things that could make your taillight not work properly. Once youre able to figure out which component is causing the issue, replacement is typically a pretty simple task; its also an important task as a burned-out taillight poses a real safety issue for you and other drivers around you.

What are the components of a Buick taillight system?

A Buick Century sedan has a complex system of components that allow the cars taillight to function properly. While they certainly look different, depending on the year of your Buick Century, these are the basic components present on each car.

  • Lens: This is the red-colored plastic or glass piece which colors the light red to alert other drivers you are stopping or slowing down.
  • Bulb: This is what actually produces the light that is seen by other drivers.
  • Socket: This is what secures the bulb and takes the power from the wires and transfers it to the bulb.
  • Wiring harness: These wires supply power from the battery to the taillight.
  • Fuse: Typically located with other fuses in a fuse box, this small piece of wire prevents the taillight circuit from overloading and affecting the taillight or other parts of the vehicle.
What parts can be impacted?

Although the lens on your taillight can certainly break and make your vehicle less safe, problems with the lens typically dont result in your taillight not working. If you are experiencing issues with your taillight, its typically either the bulb or the fuse that are the culprit. Fortunately, these are also the components that offer easy replacement.

The socket and wiring harness can also case trouble, however, so its important to use a process of elimination to isolate the problem on your car. First, replace the bulb. Then, if that doesnt fix the problem, replace the fuse. Next, replace the socket if the former didn’t work. Finally, if replacing the fuse and socket didn’t work then, try replacing the wiring harness.

What Buick taillight parts can you replace?

If youre experiencing issues with any of your taillight components, one option is to purchase a new taillight assembly for your vehicle. This will get you a new lens, socket, and possibly, bulb. This could speed up your repair process because if you put a new assembly in, then youve eliminated two possible issues at once, which narrows your possible trouble down to either the fuse or the wiring harness.

Just remember to purchase the assembly that matches the year of your car. Obviously, one of the more notable changes any time a vehicle is redesigned is the headlight and taillight fixtures. This requires you to match the year you need with the one youre purchasing. This will make it likely that the fixture will fit appropriately.