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Secure Your TV With a Motorized TV Mount

It can be hard to find space for a TV. You might have a cramped apartment, or you may simply need a way to store a TV without disrupting your interior design plan. A motorized TV mount from eBay can fix those problems by offering a new way to keep your TV accessible and secure.

What are the advantages of each motorized TV mount style?
  • Wall: An electric TV wall mount is a good way to conserve space in a room. It also provides some protection for the TV by raising it above pets and other threats that could bump into it.
  • Lift: This is the subtle option for people who want to have a TV available but don't want to see it when it is not in use. You can position it behind other objects so the TV is out of sight when it is near the ground but is easy to see once you raise the elevation.
  • Ceiling: A motorized TV mount on the ceiling will save space, but it will also change the viewing angle so that it is easy to watch the TV while you are laying down. It also offers more room to rotate the TV than the other options.
How do you use TV mounts for interior design?

The most important decision is whether you want people to notice the TV when they enter the room or if you want it to be more subtle. If you want it to draw the eye, opt for a wall mount that puts it at roughly eye level. You can use it as a centerpiece by pairing it with other decorations, such as by putting the motorized TV mount over a fireplace. You can get similar results with a ceiling mount, which works especially well if you mount it in a corner. If you prefer subtlety, look for a lift mount that can conceal the TV while it is not in use, or position a wall mount so that other items draw attention away from it.

How can an electric TV mount save space?

You can save space by using a motorized TV mount to put your TV in space that you can't use for other items. If you have a thin TV, you can use a lift mount to put it in the space between other large items. You can also use a wall or ceiling mount to raise your TV off of the floor. That conserves space for the items that need to stay on the ground.