Suspension and Steering Parts for the Toyota Tacoma

The suspension of a Toyota Tacoma serves to support the vehicles handling on the road and the quality of the ride. The suspension must be tuned to not only maintain proper traction with the roads surface but also to also cushion the vehicle and passengers from surface forces.

How does the suspension work in a vehicle?

The suspension in a Toyota Tacoma maximizes the friction between the road and the tires, provides stable steering and handling, and imparts comfort to the passengers. When the wheels pass over an imperfection in the road, they acquire vertical acceleration. The suspension needs to absorb the energy of this vertical acceleration and prevent it from reaching the body of the vehicle. The main items to consider when tuning your vehicles suspension are:

  • Cornering: This is the ability of the vehicle to move on a curved path. The suspension, using the rear and front shocks and other components, transfers the cars weight from the higher side to the lower side of the car during a turn.
  • Road isolation: This is the method of isolating the energy from the vehicles movements over road imperfections. The suspension, through the use of shocks, struts, linkages, and other components, will dissipate this energy.
  • Road handling: Road handling describes how well the vehicle maintains contact with the surface of the road when moving in a straight line or during directional changes. The suspension lessens the transfer of weight from side to side and front to rear to provide a smooth ride.
What parts make up a suspension system?

The suspension system has many parts that all work together, including:

  • Wheels and tires: The wheels and tires absorb small bumps in the road.
  • Springs: Springs absorb the energy from large bumps.
  • Shocks and struts: The motion from the springs is redirected by the shocks and struts.
  • Linkages: Linkages are connecting pieces that work together to keep the front and rear wheels in place.
  • Bushings, bearings, and joints: These components connect the linkages to each other and the other parts of the suspension system.
  • Steering systems: All steering systems contain linkages, joints, and some sort of steering box, which is the mechanical device that transmits the steering wheel motion to the cars wheels.
  • Hydraulic power steering: This type of power steering uses high-pressure fluid to assist in turning the wheels.
  • Electric power steering: Electric power-steering systems include sensors, wires, and motors.
Can the suspension of a vehicle be lifted?

Yes, you can lift the suspension of a Toyota Tacoma, a Toyota Cruiser, and many other vehicles with a lift kit or separate suspension parts that will raise the height of the vehicle. This can help with driving in off-road conditions, leveling the vehicle, and giving you a better view of the road. Suspension and steering parts for Toyota Tacoma vehicles can be bought on eBay Motors.

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