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Suspension & Steering Parts for Dodge Ram 1500

Maintaining the suspension and steering components of your Dodge Ram 1500 is important for keeping control of your truck. In addition, adequate suspension and steering parts will ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. Without proper upkeep, you will likely experience a bumpy ride and even possibly loss of control.

What is the difference between shocks and struts?

The shocks and struts of your Dodge Ram 1500 are similar, but with some key differences. Ultimately, these parts are used to stop your truck from bobbing. However, the strut is an assembly of the suspension system that works with the steering system to keep alignment. The shocks are not a structural component and their only function is to absorb the bounce of a vehicle. They can be found on both the front and rear of your Dodge Ram 1500. Both parts are critical for a properly functioning truck and cannot substitute the other.

What are the symptoms of bad shocks?

Though shocks can take a beating, they do go bad from time to time. To diagnosis whether your Dodge Ram 1500 needs new shocks, you?ll want to look for a few signs. If your front or rear tires are shaking after hitting a bump, then they are likely not absorbing the impact. Excessive bouncing is another sign that they are not operating properly. To test the shocks of your truck, follow these steps.

  • Ensure Dodge Ram 1500 is on level surface
  • Push down on truck hood to check shock absorbency
  • Inspect shocks for any leaking fluid
  • Replace as necessary
What does a lift kit do?

A lift kit can be used to allow clearance for larger tires on your Dodge Ram 1500. This personalized look is often ideal for anyone looking to have a bigger truck. The lift kit utilizes several insertions to lift the frame higher, which allows you to install new tires in the front and rear. By installing a lift kit, a driver is also offered more protection from the ground. Those who go off road would be wise to purchase a lift kit to keep their truck safe.

What is a tie rod?

Tie rods are an important part of the steering system and are what help your Dodge Ram 1500 make turns. Tie rods have both an outer and inner end. The inner end will emit force to the center of the steering system that pushes against the knuckle allowing the wheels to turn. Between the inner and outer rod, there is an adjustment sleeve. This sleeve can be used to adjust the alignment of your vehicle by pushing it from front to rear.