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Help Protect Your Computer With a Supermicro Heatsink

Supermicro produces a broad range of items, including high-powered central processing unit (CPU) heatsinks and fans. These items are designed for a variety of Intel processors, like its Xeon models. These Supermicro CPU heatsinks and fans help protect Intel processors and sockets by cooling them.

What CPU type is protected by a Supermicro heatsink?

A Supermicro heatsink is designed to fit a uniprocessor or a dual processor. The supported CPU skins include Intel and Xeon scalable processors. Most are available in a variety of socket types, including FCLGA3647-0 and LGA 2011 sockets.The socket type indicates how the Supermicro CPU heatsinks and fans are attached to a cooling element. It is designed to make the CPU heatsink by Supermicro connect to the computer sockets correctly.

What kind of cooling fan is attached?

The attached cooler on this heatsink is a four-pin, pulse-width modulation (PWM) cooling fan rated for 12 Volts of direct current (VDC). These measurements indicate how an Intel Xeon cooler draws power from the CPU of a computer. A typical Supermicro element does not need to use an exterior source.While there are many speeds available for these fans, they usually top off at about 3,800 rpm. When running at full speed, these Supermicro elements operate at about 38 dB, which is not very loud.

What do air shrouds do?

Many heatsinks include what is known as an air shroud. This element fits over the heatsink and protects it from damage. It's a good idea to use a shroud to provide adequate protection. The benefits of this item include:

  • Increases heat resistance: An air shroud fits around the unit and helps to increase its resistance to heat.
  • Damage protection: Some of these units may suffer damage if they are exposed to the elements. An air shroud can prevent this.
  • Longer use: Protecting the heatsink from excessive heat buildup may allow it to last years longer than it would have otherwise.
  • Improved computer efficiency: By protecting the computer from excessive heat, the air shroud helps it to run more efficiently.

Where do these heatsinks fit in a computer?

Most of these items will fit on the front side of the computer and tuck up near the CPU to help keep it from getting too hot. When installed in this position, the unit may be able to provide nearly 110,000 hours or 76 full operational days. Note that operational days do not indicate the total length of the computer's life but only how long it can be used effectively when turned on.

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