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Sun Visors for Volvo XC60

Whether youre looking for a replacement sun visor for your Volvo XC60 or looking to upgrade, this collection has just what youre looking for. Designed to reduce the suns glare and protect the drivers eyes for a better driving experience, visors are available in a variety of colors and offer many different features and functionalities.

What are automotive visors and how do they work?

Sun visors were introduced in 1924 and later became a standard component in any car, truck or SUV. Designed to reduce the suns glare so the driver can properly see the road, traffic, and pedestrians, they are normally mounted inside the vehicle at the top of the windshield. Most are manual and can be adjusted by hand to whatever position is needed to block light. They can also usually be flipped to the side to block sunlight coming in from the side windows.

What types of visors are available?

In this collection designed for Volvo XC60, there are sun visors available in many different colors. There are also both manual and automatic varieties and products with and without extra features like mirrors, pockets, extensions, and more. There are visors for left, right, front, and rear placement.

How do you select an appropriate visor?
  • Plan ahead: Before you look through the collection, you should know the year, make, and model of your Volvo and save time by looking only through sun visors that are compatible.
  • Type: Know if you want a manual sun visor or an automatic model. Manual visors are items you can position by hand to block out the suns rays and require no special installation, wiring, or motor. Automatic visors use sensors and a motor for positioning and can lower to cover the entire windshield. Automatic models are often made from a translucent material that greatly diminishes the glare but does not reduce the drivers visibility.
  • Color: Decide what color youre looking for. It may be just a case of finding a visor to match your Volvos interior color.
  • Features: Select a visor for your Volvo with the features you want it to have. Some items have vanity mirrors, and others also provide lighting so that the mirrors can be used in the dark. Some items offer solar-powered lights for real eco-friendly efficiency. Other options have pockets for small items or extensions that offer even greater coverage, such as covering the space between the visor on the drivers side and the passenger side.