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Ford Mustang II Steering Racks and Gearboxes

The Ford Mustang II is a pony car produced between 1973 and 1978. Although it represents the second generation of the Ford Mustang, it shares more in common with the subcompact Ford Pinto than the previous Mustangs. If you need to replace or upgrade the For Mustang II steering racks and gearboxes, then these parts and kits will help.

How do racks and gears work inside the steering system?

The steering system has two main functions: it transfers motion from the steering column to the wheels and it provides a mechanism for gear reduction so it is easier to turn the wheels. The rack and pinion system is the most common type of steering system. Many different parts are involved in the process, but the pinion gear and the rack are at the heart of the rack and pinion system. When you turn the steering wheel, it spins the pinion gear. This makes the rack move left or right, allowing you to control the wheels.

The steering system is designed to handle constant stress and tension, but because the components inside of the system are exposed to all kinds of elements and debris beneath the car, they can wear out or become damaged prematurely. The symptoms of a worn out rack or gears can include erratic and unreliable steering, leaks of power-steering fluid, a burning oil smell, and a grinding sound. Problems with the racks and gears in your Ford Mustang can interfere with your ability to drive safely, so you should try to diagnose and replace the parts immediately.

What are the differences between OEM and high-performance Mustang parts?

OEM stands for the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Ford OEM parts are designed to deliver the same performance as the original parts that came with the Ford Mustang II right out of the factory. However, the OEM parts are sometimes not enough for an advanced driving style. If you want to rebuild your entire steering system or if you have already heavily modified your vehicle for higher performance, then you will need to buy parts that exceed the OEM standards. High-quality aftermarket steering gears and racks can improve the turning radius and the responsiveness of your Mustang.

If you are unsure about what kind of parts are right for your Ford vehicle or if you have no interest in upgrading the steering system, then you should follow the recommendations of your Original Equipment Manufacturer. Most racks and steering gears are only designed to work with certain vehicles, so it is important to choose the right parts that are compatible with the model and year of your Ford steering wheel.

Despite the age of the Ford Mustang II, it is still possible to find plenty of brand-new OEM or high-performance steering wheel parts for it, including gearboxes. The rack and gear can be purchased individually in case one of the parts fails or as part of an entire rack and pinion assembly.