Red de Sprint celulares y Smartphones

Sprint Cell Phones and Smartphones

Sprint is a carrier for cell phone and smartphone plans. The manufacturers that offer cell phones on this carrier include Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, Motorola, and others. Most cell devices have either the Android operating system or the iOS operating system.

What are the standard features included with Sprint phones?

Besides playing games and taking photos, there is another primary reason that people get a cellular device. They can talk to other people on the go, and the phones give them a way for people to reach them. Regardless of what Sprint cell phone or smartphone you get, the Sprint voice plan will include standard features. Some of these features are:

  • Voicemail: If you cannot answer your cell when it rings or you miss a call, the person who is calling you can leave a message.
  • Three-way calling: This gives you the capability to bring another party into the conversation. You can talk to two people on the same call. For example, if you are on the phone with the bank, and it needs to speak to your spouse, you'll be able to call your spouse and bring him or her on the call to talk with the bank.
  • Caller ID: You can view the phone number of the person or company who is trying to call you. The benefit is if it's a number you don't recognize, you can choose not to answer.
  • Call waiting: If another call comes in while you are already on a call, call waiting will alert you. Then, you can decide whether to answer the new call or to send the new call to voicemail. Some phones have pre-printed text messages that say that you are busy and will call someone back.

Can you play games on Sprint cell phones?

The type of games you can play depends on the type of mobile phone you choose. If you have an older, flip-style cell phone, the games you can play on it will be limited in graphics, resolution, and memory. If you get a Sprint smartphone, however, you can play games with high-resolution graphics. Smartphones have higher memory capacity, so any games will run more smoothly. You can also increase the storage on your smartphone with a MicroSD card, allowing you to install more games than the phone's internal storage will allow. Having your calling plan through Sprint will give you access to all of these additional features, allowing you to play games and receive calls and emails at the same time.