Sports Gag Gifts

Even the most curmudgeonly Scrooge enjoys a funny gag gift idea. The Christmas season with its traditions of gift giving is quickly approaching, so go ahead and admit that you hope to be invited to a sports-related White Elephant party. This Christmas, plan to be prepared with the perfect sports gag gift that will spread a smile.

What are some amazing sports gag gifts?

The most memorable items are most likely those items that are not practical. Much of the humor comes from the fact that they are silly. Consider giving a sports-themed present that is the antithesis of the recipients tastes or aptitudes. For example, find a stuffed donkey for a devout Denver Broncos football fan or perhaps present a specialty-wrapped, monogrammed golf ball to a hockey fan. Alternatively, give a finely wrapped case of Little Debbie or other high-calorie snack cakes to your jockey friend or gymnast competitor.

What are the most hilarious white elephant gifts?

The main ingredient in white elephant gifts is the nonsensical element. There are amazing, unique ideas right at your local grocery store or even in your kitchen cabinet. Consider unprepared food items, such as a whole pineapple or a bag of purple onions for the unexpected friend at the party. A pound of gourmet coffee will bring a grin from a friend who loves to sleep.

If you are attending a sports fan club white elephant party, search the internet for prank gifts that are related to the specific sport. Have a t-shirt monogrammed with an ostracized athlete (think OJ Simpson) or one with funny phrasing. Other ideas include a personalized or customized football, soccer ball, or a jersey. A hockey puck makes a great paperweight.

What are some other good gag gift ideas?

Sports fans who are enthusiastic about their football, hockey, baseball, or basketball teams might find some laughs in placing a novelty whoopee cushion under their dates seat at an upcoming game. There are multiple options for athletic gifts online. Faux helmets that double as pencil sharpeners or paperweights are fun representations of their favorite sport and teams and are good conversation starters. A flask with a favorite teams insignia on it is another option that would get used, particularly when watching sports outdoors in cold weather.

At an adult function, present a flask and popular adult beverages with special edition professional team insignia bottles or cans with which to toast the holiday season. A college student might enjoy a variety of practical kitchen gadgets, such as a can opener or a cookbook, which could make the students parents laugh when they see the present.