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Splash Guards and Mud Flaps for Toyota RAV4

Taking advantage of your RAV4s considerable off-road capabilities could find you on undeveloped roads. You can keep your Toyota car looking great on muddy terrain by installing mud flaps and splash guards. These products will allow you to keep having fun while preventing your vehicle from becoming too dirty.

What types of mud guards are available for a RAV4?

Depending on the adventures you set out on, you can find different levels of protection for your SUV.

  • Mud flaps: These are flaps that extend behind the tire to provide basic splash protection. Mud flaps on your Toyota RAV4 will offer good protection against the overspray that gets dispersed behind you when the road is wet.
  • Mudguards: These products offer enhanced protection for the exterior of your Toyota RAV4 by extending around the rear of the vehicle. In some cases, mudguards also offer more complete coverage of the area behind the tires.
  • Splash guards: These are smaller components that are typically part of the design of the vehicles body but can also be purchased separately. Splash guards provide protection from water splashing onto your SUVs body but dont do as much to prevent overspray due to the smaller size.
What manufacturers produce mud guards for the Toyota RAV4?

Manufacturers understand the need to provide rugged on- and off-road protection, so you can find a variety of weather guards for your Toyota RAV4 from both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket sources. Whether you choose OEM or aftermarket products, it is important to ensure that you get guards matched to the model year of your Toyota RAV4. This is important because different model years have different designs with varied levels of ground clearance, so you want the correct size to ensure they dont drag on the ground after you install them.

How do you install mud flaps on a Toyota RAV4?

Installing replacement mud flaps is a quick and easy process that should help keep the exterior of your SUV looking great for many years to come.

  • First, position the mud flap where it will be installed, and use drafting tape to mark its top and bottom edges.
  • Second, clean the area with soap and water before installing the exterior protective film.
  • Third, if a smaller mud flap is installed, remove it and trim it to be flush with the bottom of the SUV.
  • Fourth, reinstall the old mud flap and then remove the bolts on the other attachment points.
  • Finally, pull on the replacement mud flap and ensure a secure fit. You can install the mud flap using the bolts from the attachment points.