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Toyota Avalon Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

No matter what conditions you drive your Toyota Avalon through, splash guards or mud guards can help keep your car squeaky clean. However, your Toyota may not have come with mud guards, or the flaps that you have may not be the right size. In these cases, you can find OEM or aftermarket mud guards that are compatible with your Toyota.

What do mud flaps do?

Also known as splash guards, Toyota mud flaps help provide protection for the wheels of larger automobiles and trucks. They keep debris from the road from being kicked up into your Toyota, potentially causing damage. Further, they prevent any debris that your Toyota kicks up from being flung at other motorists.

What types of mud flaps are there?

There are three main types of flaps or mud guards:

  • Universal mud flaps: These mud guards easily attach to most cars that are in a certain size or class. These mud flaps can have different designs and styles on them, including logos, depending on what you want.
  • Custom molded mud flaps: These Toyota mud flaps are designed to fit a specific vehicle make, model, and in some cases, even year. These accessories can often come with the vehicle. If you are looking for the original mud flaps that were designed for your vehicle, you may want to consider OEM mud flaps.
  • No-drill mud flaps: If you are looking at an aftermarket Toyota mud flap, you may want to go with this option as these do not require you to drill holes into your vehicles well. They have pre-drilled holes that line up directly with the holes that already exist.
How do you install splash guards?

Installing splash guards on your Toyota is a quick and simple procedure. There are slightly different ways to install the different types of mud guards:

  • Traditional splash guards: When you get your parts in, double check to make sure that they fit by holding them up against your car. They should not brush or touch the ground. If they are too long, you can trim them to fit. Once the well is clean, drill holes that match the flaps. Screw the flaps into the well. Make sure to take a step back and ensure the look and fit before tightening the hardware.
  • No-drill mud guards: For these flaps, all you need to do is find the pre-drilled holes in the clean wheel wells. Remove the screws from the holes and put the flap into place using the pre-drilled holes as guidance. Use the screws to hold the flap in place. Before fully tightening the screws, step back to make sure that the flap is the proper size for your Toyota.